Saturday, December 26, 2009

What to do when you’ve got kids around the house?

What to do when you’ve got kids around the house?

This is one of those questions that never ever has stopped being asked. There are plenty of practical tidbits of advice out there. Most of these a pretty much common since, things like lock the door, never question each other or fight in front of them, Ect Ect. These are all well and good but there is something I want to say if only because it never seems to get said anywhere else.
Your kids come first.
I’m sorry if that doesn’t sound fun, or sexy, or even a very interesting blog read. The fact is that your kids need to come first in your life, before your wife or husband or anything your kids come first. You there parents are the ones that they count on for everything. I have been a parent long enough to know that no matter what a child friend or teacher or coach says or does it is there parents that children always come back to in the end.
Having a child is like joining the army. Before you join you can do whatever you want with your hair, stay out all hours of the night, drink, smoke, swear, and just about anything legal and often times otherwise that you want. A person can do all these things with very little responsibility to anyone, no matter how much trouble you get into your mother will never stop loving you.
On the other hand if you join the army, or have a child you now have more responsibility, that’s the only way I can say that. In a relatively short time other human beings are counting on you in ways you can’t possibly imagine unless you have been there. A child, a baby, toddler, teenager no matter how old is yours forever. So don’t screw it up, your kids come first.
Anyone who doesn’t understand that does not deserve your respect, and any woman who doesn’t agree with that does not deserve you submission. I think most people understand this, but it just never seems to get said. I felt that I needed to say it and now I have. Argue or agree with me I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight…”

To all my great readers and followers have a safe and prospers New Year.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Be good stay still and feel this for me

I lay passively on the bed I know, I don’t rush her. She takes her time watching my nude body as she undresses herself, all but the chain, the key around her neck. She bends her hair brushing across my bare legs, her hands so close now; I close my eyes and hear the click. She straddles me and smiles. Her hands on my belly her precious hips only inches from mine, so close to my sex yet far enough to prevent connection with hers.
“You’ve earned this, now be good and stay still”
She leans forward and grips my wrist, pulling them above my head, and slides forward. My reward for long chaste servitude is ecstasy, prolonged ecstasy. She knows my body better than I do, she can sense when I am close and understands when to stop. Once, twice, five, maybe five hundred times she starts and stops, to many to count I am brought near the finish only to have the prize snatched away from me. Then she decides that the time is right, she bends down to my ear and whispers to me.
“You can do it, show me how you can do it.”
She increases her speed suddenly.
“I want to feel it in me, I want to feel you pleasure in me.”
I orgasm, gasping noises, shuddering, and pleasure beyond compare. This is my reward, what I have worked long and hard for, but she is not done with my body yet, there is still training to be reinforced. She moves on of her feet up to next to my hip, this way she can move one of her hands down to my now spent but overly sensitive sex. Grasping it she begins to rub it against her own beautiful and moist opening. Again sensations are whelming me, this time with agony not pleasure.
“Be good, stay still, and feel this for me. I want you to feel this, and I want you to see my pleasure, so keep your eyes open.”
I do, I experience everything, and she has to give me. The pain of an oversensitive penis is not like anything else, it is not a ripping, or burning, or stinging sensation. It is more like a loud noise, a physical sensation that has gone too far and become overwhelming. I watch her shudder once, twice, more enjoying her natural ability for pleasure, that beautiful place between her legs never becomes overwhelmed, never hurts her. She shudders for the last time and stops.
“You understand, I know you understand why I have to do that. I don’t like hurting you but I want you to remember, always remember you agree to put me first no matter what.”
All I can do is nod my head.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Putting Her in Her Place Three Easy Steps

Step One: Think about the first time you meet her. How beautiful she looked, how much you desired her, and how hard you tried to win her over.

Step Two: Think about what has changed most importantly think about what you have begun to take for granted. Have you become more demanding, lazy, or uninvolved?

Step Three: The best way to renew your marriage is to place all of your wants and needs second to hers. Once you have placed not only ahead but above you on that pedestal you will find that your own needs, and some of your wants, will be meet on her terms. This leads to a happier woman in your life and so a happier you.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Putting her in her place

Where doe your Wonderful Wife belong? On a pedestal of course. The real question is how to get her there. To start you need to put your marriage in its place which is to say that its care and feeding should be your first priority. This means romance lots and lots of romance. So here are some tips to make that special someone, that light of your life, feel comfortable up there by herself.

1. Be tacky all of those goofy roses on the bed, candles, Berry White albums, can all work for you if you pull them off right.
2. Massages feet, shoulders body, erotic, take your time and do it right. Remember this about her, so put all of your focus and energy into what you happen to be rubbing.
3. Give her some time to her self especially if you have kids.
4. After dinner give her a rest, and don’t just do the dishes. Let her put her feet up while she finishes her after dinner drink, in fact get down on all fours and let her put her feet up on you.
5. Did she give you a to do list? Good, do it and then do more there is always that little extra something.
6. Give her the remote.
7. Go to bed together every night.
8. Stare at her, let her see you staring; let her know that she is desirable.
9. Kiss her in public on mouth and let others see you.
10.Spend time with her, don’t just do something together, actually experience it together.
11. Listen.
12. Give her a Bath.
13. Let her fondle you without you expecting anything more. It’s ok to get felt up and have it go nowhere.
14. Say “I love you” before going to sleep, hanging up the phone, or when parting company. Never forget it maybe the last thing you say to her.
15. Don’t look at other women. It can humiliate her, and she should not have to compete for your attention anyway you should be competing for hers.
16. Wear you chastity device, collar, wedding band, with pride. Let her know how proud you are to be hers.
17. Don’t be ashamed to let other people know you love her. You don’t have to tell everyone everything but never let anyone doubt to whom your affection belongs.
18. Never say anything negative about her to anyone, as far as they are concerned she is the most perfect being to have ever walked the earth.
19. Don’t swear in front of her and don’t let others do so either.
20. And the most important tip ask her “what would make you feel truly loved, cherished, and honored”. Then do it.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Tale of Two Tongues

Silken texture against my eyes it blocks out my vision, the fabric holds the heat of my body pleasantly to my brow. A contrast to the cold metal cuffs binding me, wrist and tightly against my waist, otherwise I am nude. On her bed I am but a pleasure tool.
Her bed an, alter to my submission, warm cotton sheets, soft pillows, and a firm mattress. I am but a temporary addition, a fleshy sacrifice to her pleasure, my one earthly goddess, willing and honored to provide my body to her. This is her place, she is the priestess, the officiate, of the ceremony, but also the one to be worshiped and praised.
So I find myself blinded and shackled, worshiping at her most sacred of feminine places. My tongue laps, and probes at her soft moist flesh, the sweet waters of her flow about my mouth and over my face. Her pleasure too pours out of her; I am gifted with the sounds of her moans, whimpers, and the panting of her breath. On and on I am urged in my worship of her, her pleasure, and her sacred place where life springs from.

A different time and place.

Being nude before he is commonplace, being bound by her is commonplace, and yet I am still made to feel humbled and vulnerable. On the couch my hands are secured to hooks placed in the back causing my arms to be held apart and my head to hang back. By her command only do my feet stay planted on the floor and legs spread wide.
She knows that vision can powerfully affect a male and so she has robbed my of my sight by virtue of a blind fold, in part her own sweetly scented panties. She is about to give me a gift, but like any commoner receiving a boon from his Queen I must be reminded of my place, and so I am not permitted to see her.
As it is the only comfortable posture for her she kneels in front of me, I am not permitted to see this. It is not her place to kneel to scrap and serve that is where I belong. But this is a gift, one given out of love, and sincere appreciation for my service, my devotion, she suffers the lowering of herself for this short moment.
Her lips touch the phallus, a part of my body that has been given over to her ownership. Love, pleasure, submission, worship, pain, are all mystical, ethereal, magical bonds that hold us together, but this fleshy piece of meat is the physical object of out relationship. This piece of flesh bears the wait of all the other ties; it is her most valuable property, and my most cherished part. We have in the name of our marriage used it for pleasure and to worship her, and to punish and train my submission.
Her lips are warm and moist, her tongue dances, her head moves is playful motions, and soon I erupt into her waiting mouth, lips held tight around the shaft until my pleasure abates. Then she kisses me and my salty leaving slid down into my belly.

“Did that feel good?”
“Are you motivated to continue to serve?”
Good with a few more years of dedication you can earn that again.”

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The wait

As our anniversary approached (five years married) my wonderful wife decided that it was a great opportunity to “refresh” our relationship for both of us. To this end she banned all intimate contact.
This isn’t simply forgoing sex to try and feel virginal again oh no she wanted to return to the way it felt the very first time we touched, kissed, or even held hands. She wanted to make our first night away from home feel like our first date. To do this she forbade almost all touching.
Let me tell you this is a lot harder than simple chastity, there was none of the physical reassurance that I normally receive. No pats on the bottom, or smiles, or light stroking at bed time. We did none of the normal things a couple would do, in or everyday life or in the bed room, this extended to our sleeping habits as well, to keep from any night time coziness I was confined to the couch while she continued to enjoy her bed.
As hard as it was she was right, our first night away was pure carnal energy, the kind that I haven’t felt since I was a teenager. Heat so intense it blinded us. The first time she touched me again placing her soft hand on my cheek, her cool moist lips touching mine was like throwing a stone into a pool of calm water. Ripples of desire flowed through us. The end her laying beneath me, berating into my ear, her hips rocking, and urging me to completion. The climax was like throwing a bucket of water on a roaring campfire, a brief fizzle followed by an explosion of scalding steam.
Other simpler things became heightened as well; The shear sensuality of holding her hand as we walked the wonderful familiar feel of brushing back her hair from her face, the peacefulness of sleeping next to her. The wait was definitely worth it.

Monday, August 3, 2009


To all of my followers and anyone who reads my blog I am truly sorry for having been away, and I feel I owe you an explanation as way of apology.

As part of my career I work out of town most weeks, away from my most loving and wise wife. Living in a hotel most days of the week, and eating out, and being lazy. After my last post in June I started on a new project one that required me to work long hours, eating not only lunch and dinner but also breakfast out.
After two weeks of this my wonderful wife did a routine check of our account balance and was disappointed in my new spending habits. So she decided to punish me, I was put on an allowance of $2 a day, yes $2, for two weeks, also I had to use a water cooler in stead of the bottled water I enjoy. In addition my computer was taken from me so no posting.

Now before you think this is overly cruel please remember that this was for the hotel only at home I could eat as much as I wanted that is whatever I wanted to cook for us. Also that the hotel had a great continental breakfast of witch I could bring back as much as I wanted. This of courses was the point.
After two weeks of eating fresh fruit and muffins supplements with a few sandwiches from a fast food joint thought me the lesson I needed to learn. Instead of sleeping to my normal time, I now gladly get up and hour early to eat at the breakfast bar, and in exchange I have a much larger, if still curtailed spending limit. My wife however kept my computer for all of July saying not having it to play with means I can be more active and I can stand to loses a few pounds.
Needless to say I was also denied any kind of release from chastity during this time. This lead into a new experience in preparing for our anniversary that just past on the 31st, but that is another post. One that I will do my best to get on by the end of the week.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

First Timer

One week. It had been one week since the last time I had experienced any sexual release. Now it doesn’t seem like such a long time, but when it is the first time that having been locked up truly locked no way out for resizing or any other excuse, it seemed liked a life time.
I knelt in front of her, she was sitting on our love seat, I was nude, and she was wearing a mini skirt and blouse with a plunging V neck line. I begged her, not whining or bargaining or appealing to her love for me, but begged her. I begged like only a man who desperately needs something, with no other way to get it, and I desperately needed release.
When words failed I turned my lips first to her legs, then her shoes, licking them, lapping at them. I knew she was looking at me while I did this; she stroked my hair as I humbled myself before her, and then with a sharp jerk she pulled my head up and pressed my face to her moist sex. My tongue worked on her, the taste filled my nose and mouth, filled the whole of my world.
Thighs, hers griping my ears blocking out her moans, muffling her cries of pleasure. Hands pushing me away from her my face covered with the wetness of her. She leans back, her eyes holding contact with mine I’m incapable of looking away.
She unlocks me. I have heard the expression before, but the first time I felt it, I was trembling in anticipation.
“Are you ready for this? Do you want this?”
“Yes. Please.”
She leaned back spreading her legs, and this was all the encouragement that I needed. The pleasure I felt upon entering her was indescribable.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


My head leans into her chest I can hear her heart beating the slow rhythmic breathing. I am hot, sweet beginning rise off of my body.
I weep.
“Please I need it”
“No you don’t you want to have sex with me” she whispers “you wont die if I leave you locked”.
“But it has been so long” “Please”
More tears, straining me inside the need pushes me. Nearly over the edge.
“I know it has been awhile, but you are going to wait”
“You know why, yes you do”
As I shack my head my face buried into her, she is teaching me.
“”You know its good for you to wait, and you know it helps us to be happy.”
“Yes but I love you”
“I love you too, that is no reason for us to have sex right now” She is cool calm in her response. “In fact it is every reason to wait, now be strong for me I know you can”.

Why part three

It is an honor to receive a gift even more so when that gift is complete disposition over another’s body. This is the honor a wife of a chaste male has, and everyday her husband must win her affection, or risk ruining this honor and by extension himself.
Before marriage a man, a good man, would never think of touching a woman without her permission, but after marriage he takes great liberty with her body. This is a sad dishonor of her as a person, reducing her to an object and him to an animal.
But when a man is put into a chastity device this changes, she no longer must put up with his demands and he is freed as well from lust. Now there is fairness in the marriage a wife only receives the sexual attention she wants, and in turn the man gets what he needs without lustful overindulgence.
Honoring your wife by respecting her dignity as a person, not groping at her as one would an object is only brings you half way. The other part is masturbation and fantasy, something that divides a couple and destroys intimacy. Chastity refocus a mans commitment to his wife, and remakes her over and over again into fantasy, his only fantasy.
To honor his wife a man must submit at a minimum his sex, but his whole body, mind, and attention is even more powerful. Given this control, this gift, she can help her man learn to be the husband he should be, and charge the relationship with intimacy that a man can only experience when he is forced to wait for his orgasm.
All of this honor thought is not a chance for abuse, but to direct her man, allow him to enjoy the whole or there relationship. Because of this and because he will have nowhere else to receive pleasure all of his attention will be turned to his Keyholder.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Why part two

It is well know that certain types of stress can be beneficial to a persons health, exercise stresses the body making a person stronger, learning stress the mind making a person smarter. Chastity stresses both of these, and like other stresses lead to a healthier sex life with our partner. Chastity is a trial of masculinity as well, when we men are young we are often told that sexual conquest will prove our manhood, but we are also told that enduring pain, pushing our limits is a path to manhood. Do we not want to see the hero of a story go through terrible suffering to earn his right to be called a hero? Injured players, underdogs, the weak and out numbered fighting back for the big win, this is heroic but it is not easy. Chastity would seem to force a man in to a weak position like all of these, and like all of these force him to be stronger than he thought possible. Hercules one of the great heroes of Western culture is forced to do twelve labors, a punishment for the accidental murder of his wife. We see in this tale a hero earning that title by the pain of battle, both physically and mentally suffering. There is a noble quality as the pain is suffered for another person, namely his wife. Hercules driven mad by his step mother Hera mistakenly kills his beloved wife and children. For this he first goes into hiding and later seeks to regain his honor thus he is led to do his twelve labors. By giving control of my sex to my wonderful wife, by enduring pain both mental and physical I gain honor and strength. Sexual strength and desire, mental strength a new understanding of accepting the things I can not control.This act, the act of giving over complete control of my sex, suffering the pain that comes with that,within our marriage is just as powerful as any of his labors . Conversely masturbation represents the easy way and no one ever called the easy way, the heroic way.

Next part three Honoring Your Wife

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Part 1
There are many reasons for a man to wear a chastity belt. There are some that chastity is merely part of a fantasy, play that ends once they leave the bedroom. For others it is life long never to have and orgasm to again, or at least not often. It may be worn to show devotion, to punish or be punished, or as a personal challenge. I can’t attest to why anyone else allow there genitals to be locked away from them only why I do.
I don’t want to moralize or preach, but within a committed relationship masturbation is just plain wrong. It saps the will of a man to truly please his wife, and dishonors her by turning his lust and desire towards other women. This is surely a type of cheating, at the very least a betrayal of the pleasure that rightly belongs to her. By gifting your wife with the keys to your sex a man bestows honor to his wife and marriage, he also gains strength for himself.
Next on strength in part 2

Thursday, May 7, 2009


She is above me kissing my lips moist and warm her tongue darting quickly in and then back out. Her eyes deep and passionate look into to me, “I love you” she breaths.
“I love you too.” I reply and with a swallow “Can we have sex.”
She kisses her way down my body until she reaches my genitals; her hand cups my testicles as if she was performing fellatio, but my penis is encased in hard plastic. Still her toungue finds it way in through the vent holes the wettness slick and warm. Her free hand roams my body tickling and tweaking as it goes.
She knows everything I love what turns me on, and what motivates me. Soon she moves from my testcles down to my back passage. She knows I love this, something almost taboo for most men, her probings and massages of my enternal realms.
She teases me this way moments that turn to hours. Finnaly her need to see me squirm with arousal is fullfuilled. Afterwards my mouth my tounge is put to my wifes bussiness.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It’s Sunday morning and I’m starting to prepare her breakfast this is when I feel the tug. The padding of her small blessed feet upon the linoleum, like church bells ringing in my ears, she comes up behind me. The tug, her hand at my shorts pulling them down lower reviling the faintest hint of my pubic area her hands now rubbing my hips, my groin just shying away from the place I want her to touch most. On her tip toes she licks and then breaths into my ear. Today is the day as if I could forget, the day she grants me the pleasure of her feminine charms, the day I come home.
Before anything else food or bathing or any of the other mundane things that take up our lives I am allowed to pleasure her over and over again. My own pleasure will wait, but the loving of her the wanting of her grows and gnaws at me until my body attempts what I know it can’t.
Her gift to me feels at first wonderful against my hardening member, like my lover firmly holding it. But as I hear her moan again at the ministrations of my mouth my manhood becomes more resolved, and the pain comes. It does not hurt as badly as many things in life, but at that moment while mixed with desire, passion, longing, and yes lust nothing could be more brutal. She knows this and does not make me wait much longer only long enough so I do not forget whom I serve and what I do not.
Free now, above her and in her and with her I am released. My service rewarded my faith in her guidance renewed she cleans me and places my member back in its cage to wait for her next invitation. She kisses me and I return to my service of her strengthened in resolve to never stray from her leadership.