Wednesday, June 3, 2009


My head leans into her chest I can hear her heart beating the slow rhythmic breathing. I am hot, sweet beginning rise off of my body.
I weep.
“Please I need it”
“No you don’t you want to have sex with me” she whispers “you wont die if I leave you locked”.
“But it has been so long” “Please”
More tears, straining me inside the need pushes me. Nearly over the edge.
“I know it has been awhile, but you are going to wait”
“You know why, yes you do”
As I shack my head my face buried into her, she is teaching me.
“”You know its good for you to wait, and you know it helps us to be happy.”
“Yes but I love you”
“I love you too, that is no reason for us to have sex right now” She is cool calm in her response. “In fact it is every reason to wait, now be strong for me I know you can”.

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