Wednesday, June 10, 2009

First Timer

One week. It had been one week since the last time I had experienced any sexual release. Now it doesn’t seem like such a long time, but when it is the first time that having been locked up truly locked no way out for resizing or any other excuse, it seemed liked a life time.
I knelt in front of her, she was sitting on our love seat, I was nude, and she was wearing a mini skirt and blouse with a plunging V neck line. I begged her, not whining or bargaining or appealing to her love for me, but begged her. I begged like only a man who desperately needs something, with no other way to get it, and I desperately needed release.
When words failed I turned my lips first to her legs, then her shoes, licking them, lapping at them. I knew she was looking at me while I did this; she stroked my hair as I humbled myself before her, and then with a sharp jerk she pulled my head up and pressed my face to her moist sex. My tongue worked on her, the taste filled my nose and mouth, filled the whole of my world.
Thighs, hers griping my ears blocking out her moans, muffling her cries of pleasure. Hands pushing me away from her my face covered with the wetness of her. She leans back, her eyes holding contact with mine I’m incapable of looking away.
She unlocks me. I have heard the expression before, but the first time I felt it, I was trembling in anticipation.
“Are you ready for this? Do you want this?”
“Yes. Please.”
She leaned back spreading her legs, and this was all the encouragement that I needed. The pleasure I felt upon entering her was indescribable.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


My head leans into her chest I can hear her heart beating the slow rhythmic breathing. I am hot, sweet beginning rise off of my body.
I weep.
“Please I need it”
“No you don’t you want to have sex with me” she whispers “you wont die if I leave you locked”.
“But it has been so long” “Please”
More tears, straining me inside the need pushes me. Nearly over the edge.
“I know it has been awhile, but you are going to wait”
“You know why, yes you do”
As I shack my head my face buried into her, she is teaching me.
“”You know its good for you to wait, and you know it helps us to be happy.”
“Yes but I love you”
“I love you too, that is no reason for us to have sex right now” She is cool calm in her response. “In fact it is every reason to wait, now be strong for me I know you can”.

Why part three

It is an honor to receive a gift even more so when that gift is complete disposition over another’s body. This is the honor a wife of a chaste male has, and everyday her husband must win her affection, or risk ruining this honor and by extension himself.
Before marriage a man, a good man, would never think of touching a woman without her permission, but after marriage he takes great liberty with her body. This is a sad dishonor of her as a person, reducing her to an object and him to an animal.
But when a man is put into a chastity device this changes, she no longer must put up with his demands and he is freed as well from lust. Now there is fairness in the marriage a wife only receives the sexual attention she wants, and in turn the man gets what he needs without lustful overindulgence.
Honoring your wife by respecting her dignity as a person, not groping at her as one would an object is only brings you half way. The other part is masturbation and fantasy, something that divides a couple and destroys intimacy. Chastity refocus a mans commitment to his wife, and remakes her over and over again into fantasy, his only fantasy.
To honor his wife a man must submit at a minimum his sex, but his whole body, mind, and attention is even more powerful. Given this control, this gift, she can help her man learn to be the husband he should be, and charge the relationship with intimacy that a man can only experience when he is forced to wait for his orgasm.
All of this honor thought is not a chance for abuse, but to direct her man, allow him to enjoy the whole or there relationship. Because of this and because he will have nowhere else to receive pleasure all of his attention will be turned to his Keyholder.