Saturday, December 26, 2009

What to do when you’ve got kids around the house?

What to do when you’ve got kids around the house?

This is one of those questions that never ever has stopped being asked. There are plenty of practical tidbits of advice out there. Most of these a pretty much common since, things like lock the door, never question each other or fight in front of them, Ect Ect. These are all well and good but there is something I want to say if only because it never seems to get said anywhere else.
Your kids come first.
I’m sorry if that doesn’t sound fun, or sexy, or even a very interesting blog read. The fact is that your kids need to come first in your life, before your wife or husband or anything your kids come first. You there parents are the ones that they count on for everything. I have been a parent long enough to know that no matter what a child friend or teacher or coach says or does it is there parents that children always come back to in the end.
Having a child is like joining the army. Before you join you can do whatever you want with your hair, stay out all hours of the night, drink, smoke, swear, and just about anything legal and often times otherwise that you want. A person can do all these things with very little responsibility to anyone, no matter how much trouble you get into your mother will never stop loving you.
On the other hand if you join the army, or have a child you now have more responsibility, that’s the only way I can say that. In a relatively short time other human beings are counting on you in ways you can’t possibly imagine unless you have been there. A child, a baby, toddler, teenager no matter how old is yours forever. So don’t screw it up, your kids come first.
Anyone who doesn’t understand that does not deserve your respect, and any woman who doesn’t agree with that does not deserve you submission. I think most people understand this, but it just never seems to get said. I felt that I needed to say it and now I have. Argue or agree with me I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight…”

To all my great readers and followers have a safe and prospers New Year.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Be good stay still and feel this for me

I lay passively on the bed I know, I don’t rush her. She takes her time watching my nude body as she undresses herself, all but the chain, the key around her neck. She bends her hair brushing across my bare legs, her hands so close now; I close my eyes and hear the click. She straddles me and smiles. Her hands on my belly her precious hips only inches from mine, so close to my sex yet far enough to prevent connection with hers.
“You’ve earned this, now be good and stay still”
She leans forward and grips my wrist, pulling them above my head, and slides forward. My reward for long chaste servitude is ecstasy, prolonged ecstasy. She knows my body better than I do, she can sense when I am close and understands when to stop. Once, twice, five, maybe five hundred times she starts and stops, to many to count I am brought near the finish only to have the prize snatched away from me. Then she decides that the time is right, she bends down to my ear and whispers to me.
“You can do it, show me how you can do it.”
She increases her speed suddenly.
“I want to feel it in me, I want to feel you pleasure in me.”
I orgasm, gasping noises, shuddering, and pleasure beyond compare. This is my reward, what I have worked long and hard for, but she is not done with my body yet, there is still training to be reinforced. She moves on of her feet up to next to my hip, this way she can move one of her hands down to my now spent but overly sensitive sex. Grasping it she begins to rub it against her own beautiful and moist opening. Again sensations are whelming me, this time with agony not pleasure.
“Be good, stay still, and feel this for me. I want you to feel this, and I want you to see my pleasure, so keep your eyes open.”
I do, I experience everything, and she has to give me. The pain of an oversensitive penis is not like anything else, it is not a ripping, or burning, or stinging sensation. It is more like a loud noise, a physical sensation that has gone too far and become overwhelming. I watch her shudder once, twice, more enjoying her natural ability for pleasure, that beautiful place between her legs never becomes overwhelmed, never hurts her. She shudders for the last time and stops.
“You understand, I know you understand why I have to do that. I don’t like hurting you but I want you to remember, always remember you agree to put me first no matter what.”
All I can do is nod my head.