Thursday, May 7, 2009


She is above me kissing my lips moist and warm her tongue darting quickly in and then back out. Her eyes deep and passionate look into to me, “I love you” she breaths.
“I love you too.” I reply and with a swallow “Can we have sex.”
She kisses her way down my body until she reaches my genitals; her hand cups my testicles as if she was performing fellatio, but my penis is encased in hard plastic. Still her toungue finds it way in through the vent holes the wettness slick and warm. Her free hand roams my body tickling and tweaking as it goes.
She knows everything I love what turns me on, and what motivates me. Soon she moves from my testcles down to my back passage. She knows I love this, something almost taboo for most men, her probings and massages of my enternal realms.
She teases me this way moments that turn to hours. Finnaly her need to see me squirm with arousal is fullfuilled. Afterwards my mouth my tounge is put to my wifes bussiness.


  1. Greetings MKNIGHT.

    What a great start to your blog, well written and a very sensual description of how the woman who controls you uses her position of great power to excite and arouse her man.

    Would it be possible to know about how you got to this place, was the woman who holds the key to your soul always this way?

  2. No she was not always this way. My wearng a chastity belt was brought into out marriage after we had been together as a couple for nearly 10 years half of that as a married couple. Later I will write more about why I brought this up to my wonderful wife.