Thursday, June 24, 2010

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Now I have made my feelings on children in WLM known, and yes I understand that 2bsubby's children and not kids. But Kathy herself admits they are not quite adults either. In fact a 17 year old is still a minor. Be it 17 or 20 these are times in a boy/man's life that they need a father to help them with new adult issues that they may have never faced before.

I honestly believe that if the woman you want to submit to does not accept the fact that your kids come first. If they are hers as well or the result of another marriage, that she does not deserve your submission. It would be a different with true adults, but honestly if my own son called to me for help I'm going 40 or 4, and I don't give a damn what anybody has to say about it.

Is it to much to ask that his wife be informed of his children's visits? No of course not, but seeking permission for what should be automatically assumed is selfish and petty on her part. As a mother herself she should understand the importance of a child/parent relationship, and the importance of a child feeling welcomed in his or hers parents house.

Friday, June 11, 2010


Sorry to all of you for being away for so long, I have picked up project from a co-worker that was in shambles and I have to work 3rd shift on it to boot. But here is a quick post just to show all of you I'm not dead.

So the other day while listening to a national early morning radio show, I caught a snippet of a a story told by comedian Tommy Johnagin. He talk about meeting up with a woman for a one nightstand, little did he know that she had more on her mind than just sex. This woman was obviously dominate and enjoyed biting choking and bondage, not to mention plain unpredictability. But what really interested me was her tattoo.

I think most people who read this blog understand the importance of a safe word. They can be a special thing between, like in almost any relationship safe words can become an inside joke, adds to the bond between two people. Of course they can also be the punchline of somebodies joke as in this case.

In the case of this woman her tattoo is not really anything to joke about. She has a zipper tattooed along the side of her ribcage, to commemorate the death of her boyfriend, her submissive. People tend to think only of a sub physically and permanently altering their appearance, but this time a dominate women carries the mark and shows just how deep a D/s relationship can go.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jr. High

Way back then Junior High was important time in my life. First kiss, rated R movie, cooking for myself with more than a microwave, first date, first love, first heart break, and so less than pure firsts. Impure for lack of a better term, first wet dream, and first masturbation, witch put not surprisingly put an end to the wet dreams.

It was also when my first submissive feelings started to come out. I couldn't put a word to it then, and even now it takes me more than just one. I knew that I liked to fantasize about demanding women, spanking, and scarily (at the time) humiliation. These thoughts intensified the last summer before high school.

That summer I went to high school band camp (please no American Pie comments) where I and every other freshman was hazed. This was not Dazed and Confused hazing, there was no paddling or binge drinking. Most of it was mundane things like taking your assigned senior bags to their rooms, but one tradition that of a night of humiliating dress up. My assigned senior was a young woman, and she dressed me like a lot of male freshmen as a slutty girl.

Now I'm not a cross dresser, but a woman forcing me to do something that I can get behind. But as fourteen year old boy how was I to express or even understand these feelings. Sex Ed was functional to be nice about it, and my parents were no help, I never had "The Talk" they happily passed it of to the school.

So as my own son grows I'm left wondering and hoping that I can do a better job. I want him to be able to ask me anything and get a frank honest answerer, but I want to protect my wife's and my privacy. I want him to learn about sex in a healthy way, and then learn about all the different kinds of sex. I don't want him to be to losses his virginity to early or late, or have kids before he is ready.

I am left wondering how are children to suppose to learn safely what it is that they want in a partner. The Internet making information easily available but at the price of not knowing the person you are getting it from. Good websites are easy to find but none deal with sexual practices. Even today what is a young man to do?


The cold hard Mistress is a staple of many men's submissive fantasies. But in reality nobody really wants an ambivalent women to be submissive to. Its called Loving Female Authority and the loving part is every bit as important as the authority part. After a session with my wife either discipline, tease and denial, etc I need some aftercare. Aftercare is one of those things that I can't see a cold hearted women doing this.
Aftercare takes many forms, tending to wounds, sleeping, holding one another, and talking. From my own experience I know that I have a submissive high for a few hours after a rough session in the bedroom. I can go about my normal routines with no problems, but then I drop. Usually this happens in the middle of the night, I will wake up and request my wife to hold on to me, something that she has never refuse or been upset about.

My wife as my loving dominant and owner of my sex takes her responsibility for my well being seriously. But Aftercare is not limited to the submissive, I take equal care of my wife and I too take it seriously. A big part of this in the early part of our FLR was reassurance that that we loved each other, that we respected each other, and that our relationship while changed was strong.

Aftercare is not something that is fantasized as often as the cold hard woman up top. The same way that cuddling is not the hot topic of fantasy. But these things are important, they keep people mentally and physically in shape. Kissing, whipping, sex, discipline, these things may begin bonding a couple, but it is the care that comes after that cements the relationship.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Buck Stops Here

"Honey I need $120 out of our discretionary fund."
"I need a new pair of boots for works."
"They reimburse you for those don't they?"
"Only $100 of it, but I always put it back into our account."
"That's right well if you need them you need them, just make sure you put it back in."

Some may wonder why I refer to it as "our" money and not "Her" money. While my wife is most certainly the boss, and has final say over how the money is spent, we both agree that my keeping the books is the best way for her to mange our marriage. What happens is that I make sure all bills are paid on time, this includes retirement savings, what's left is up to my wife to decide how it is spent. We go over all of the paper work together, she having already looked at the bank statements, to check on my activity.

Another reason I use "our" is that it fosters a since of ownership in the relationship. The same way employees refer to there store, or office when in reality its more the property of the shareholders, or the children of the founders. A since of ownership is important as it increases loyalty, if you don't believe that just ask any sports fan about their team.

Finally as a practical measure if something were to ever happen to my wife it may prove crucial that I have access to all of our funds. While many a submissive man may fantasize about complete financial domination this is horribly unpractical. What they may not understand is that if all assets are in their wife's name, and she were to pass away suddenly it could take months for probate to be worked out especially if she did not leave a will that stipulates her husband is to inherit her possessions. These problems can be compounded if there are children from previous marriage.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Your Daughter ?!?

How does your wife train you? Really how does your wife try and help you to be the kind of man she wants/knows you can be? If your wife or dominant partner is like mine some part of training is the use of sex. For my part I have no problem with this. In fact I love that she has locked my sex away for her use, and that she has taken the time to understand and accept my submissive nature, more importantly for her own happiness she has embrace her own dominant side.
It seems like the longer that I read other peoples blogs about female led relationships the more they begin to stray into female supremacy. I know I have posted on this before an I will do my best to make this the last time for a good while. I was reading about a "heated discussion" should a father submit to his adult daughter. My immediate answer is no.
Above I stated that my wife and many like he use sex as part of husband training. A man is trained to associate sex with serving a powerful women specifically his wife or partner. Now I don't think that anyone is the female supremacy movement is promoting incest but the fact is that it becomes hard to disconnect once an association is made. One more reason that female supremacy just seems wrong.
Instead I would suggest that a female led marriage like any other should be kept private. Not out of shame but for the simple reason that it is nobody else business what goes on in your relationship. While it is nice to have friends who enjoy the same lifestyle as you do, your children are not your friends, and even with other couples who enjoy FLR, how much control does one wife allow another to have over their husband?
I know that in my own marriage we are friends with one other couple who enjoy a loving female authority. While I am expected to be a courteous host or guest with them by no means does my wife expect me to submit to the other women in anyway. I am expected to act the way my wife wants, respectful of her, and by extension polite to everyone we are social with.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Most Beautiful

Is it just me or are women at there most beautiful when they are creating life. I'm not a female supremacist but it just puts me in submissive awe and makes me want to worship the fertility of women.