Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Putting her in her place

Where doe your Wonderful Wife belong? On a pedestal of course. The real question is how to get her there. To start you need to put your marriage in its place which is to say that its care and feeding should be your first priority. This means romance lots and lots of romance. So here are some tips to make that special someone, that light of your life, feel comfortable up there by herself.

1. Be tacky all of those goofy roses on the bed, candles, Berry White albums, can all work for you if you pull them off right.
2. Massages feet, shoulders body, erotic, take your time and do it right. Remember this about her, so put all of your focus and energy into what you happen to be rubbing.
3. Give her some time to her self especially if you have kids.
4. After dinner give her a rest, and don’t just do the dishes. Let her put her feet up while she finishes her after dinner drink, in fact get down on all fours and let her put her feet up on you.
5. Did she give you a to do list? Good, do it and then do more there is always that little extra something.
6. Give her the remote.
7. Go to bed together every night.
8. Stare at her, let her see you staring; let her know that she is desirable.
9. Kiss her in public on mouth and let others see you.
10.Spend time with her, don’t just do something together, actually experience it together.
11. Listen.
12. Give her a Bath.
13. Let her fondle you without you expecting anything more. It’s ok to get felt up and have it go nowhere.
14. Say “I love you” before going to sleep, hanging up the phone, or when parting company. Never forget it maybe the last thing you say to her.
15. Don’t look at other women. It can humiliate her, and she should not have to compete for your attention anyway you should be competing for hers.
16. Wear you chastity device, collar, wedding band, with pride. Let her know how proud you are to be hers.
17. Don’t be ashamed to let other people know you love her. You don’t have to tell everyone everything but never let anyone doubt to whom your affection belongs.
18. Never say anything negative about her to anyone, as far as they are concerned she is the most perfect being to have ever walked the earth.
19. Don’t swear in front of her and don’t let others do so either.
20. And the most important tip ask her “what would make you feel truly loved, cherished, and honored”. Then do it.

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