Monday, August 3, 2009


To all of my followers and anyone who reads my blog I am truly sorry for having been away, and I feel I owe you an explanation as way of apology.

As part of my career I work out of town most weeks, away from my most loving and wise wife. Living in a hotel most days of the week, and eating out, and being lazy. After my last post in June I started on a new project one that required me to work long hours, eating not only lunch and dinner but also breakfast out.
After two weeks of this my wonderful wife did a routine check of our account balance and was disappointed in my new spending habits. So she decided to punish me, I was put on an allowance of $2 a day, yes $2, for two weeks, also I had to use a water cooler in stead of the bottled water I enjoy. In addition my computer was taken from me so no posting.

Now before you think this is overly cruel please remember that this was for the hotel only at home I could eat as much as I wanted that is whatever I wanted to cook for us. Also that the hotel had a great continental breakfast of witch I could bring back as much as I wanted. This of courses was the point.
After two weeks of eating fresh fruit and muffins supplements with a few sandwiches from a fast food joint thought me the lesson I needed to learn. Instead of sleeping to my normal time, I now gladly get up and hour early to eat at the breakfast bar, and in exchange I have a much larger, if still curtailed spending limit. My wife however kept my computer for all of July saying not having it to play with means I can be more active and I can stand to loses a few pounds.
Needless to say I was also denied any kind of release from chastity during this time. This lead into a new experience in preparing for our anniversary that just past on the 31st, but that is another post. One that I will do my best to get on by the end of the week.

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