Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Be good stay still and feel this for me

I lay passively on the bed I know, I don’t rush her. She takes her time watching my nude body as she undresses herself, all but the chain, the key around her neck. She bends her hair brushing across my bare legs, her hands so close now; I close my eyes and hear the click. She straddles me and smiles. Her hands on my belly her precious hips only inches from mine, so close to my sex yet far enough to prevent connection with hers.
“You’ve earned this, now be good and stay still”
She leans forward and grips my wrist, pulling them above my head, and slides forward. My reward for long chaste servitude is ecstasy, prolonged ecstasy. She knows my body better than I do, she can sense when I am close and understands when to stop. Once, twice, five, maybe five hundred times she starts and stops, to many to count I am brought near the finish only to have the prize snatched away from me. Then she decides that the time is right, she bends down to my ear and whispers to me.
“You can do it, show me how you can do it.”
She increases her speed suddenly.
“I want to feel it in me, I want to feel you pleasure in me.”
I orgasm, gasping noises, shuddering, and pleasure beyond compare. This is my reward, what I have worked long and hard for, but she is not done with my body yet, there is still training to be reinforced. She moves on of her feet up to next to my hip, this way she can move one of her hands down to my now spent but overly sensitive sex. Grasping it she begins to rub it against her own beautiful and moist opening. Again sensations are whelming me, this time with agony not pleasure.
“Be good, stay still, and feel this for me. I want you to feel this, and I want you to see my pleasure, so keep your eyes open.”
I do, I experience everything, and she has to give me. The pain of an oversensitive penis is not like anything else, it is not a ripping, or burning, or stinging sensation. It is more like a loud noise, a physical sensation that has gone too far and become overwhelming. I watch her shudder once, twice, more enjoying her natural ability for pleasure, that beautiful place between her legs never becomes overwhelmed, never hurts her. She shudders for the last time and stops.
“You understand, I know you understand why I have to do that. I don’t like hurting you but I want you to remember, always remember you agree to put me first no matter what.”
All I can do is nod my head.


  1. Great post and great photos!

    I love the fact that the women in the photos are pinning their husbands down in a sexy but loving and tender way.I also love the fact that they are "girl next door" types.And that in the top photo she is fully clothed while the man is at least half naked.

    I think that both photos compliment your story about your experience well.

    Many submissive men complain that they can not get their wives interested in a Wife-Led Marriage.But i think that this aspect of a Wife-Led Marriage would appeal to many women.

    By this i mean the image of a woman completly in charge and being dominant in a playful and tender ,but firm, way.No violence or BSDM .No uncomfortable leather outfit. No spiked heels [ i like the fact that the woman in the top photo is barefoot].No snarling dominatrix. Just ordinary women on top who are enjoying "conquering " their men..Just women gleefully enjoying being in charge.

    Thank you MR Mknight for sharing your experience.And may you and your wife/girlfriend both have a happy and safe Christmas and New Years!

  2. Thank you BOB for your comments. I’m glad you appreciate the pictures; I work very hard to choose what images I place on my Blog. I know that they affect the way people perceive FLM, but still need to compliment the post. The same goes for the phrasing I use. You will notice that I do not use trigger words such as slave, mistress, pet, owner, or dominatrix. These phrases turn to many people off while bringing in others for whom this is a fantasy, and not lifestyle choice.
    Thank you again for you great comment, please have a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.
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  3. My wife is resistant to continue to stroke me and talk to me after i have cum. It seems your wife thinks that is a wonderful opportunity to deepen your submission... does it work as well as it would seem ?

  4. To Mr
    Yes it does take me wo what some call "sub space" but it also reinforces my overall submissivness. It is somewhat objectifying, as she is clearly putting her pleasure above my discomfort. It also takes some disipline on my part to not try and shove her off, or even buck my hips.

  5. Very very hot.

    I've forwarded it to the keyholding wifey. Not that she needs any inspiration ;)