Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Why part three

It is an honor to receive a gift even more so when that gift is complete disposition over another’s body. This is the honor a wife of a chaste male has, and everyday her husband must win her affection, or risk ruining this honor and by extension himself.
Before marriage a man, a good man, would never think of touching a woman without her permission, but after marriage he takes great liberty with her body. This is a sad dishonor of her as a person, reducing her to an object and him to an animal.
But when a man is put into a chastity device this changes, she no longer must put up with his demands and he is freed as well from lust. Now there is fairness in the marriage a wife only receives the sexual attention she wants, and in turn the man gets what he needs without lustful overindulgence.
Honoring your wife by respecting her dignity as a person, not groping at her as one would an object is only brings you half way. The other part is masturbation and fantasy, something that divides a couple and destroys intimacy. Chastity refocus a mans commitment to his wife, and remakes her over and over again into fantasy, his only fantasy.
To honor his wife a man must submit at a minimum his sex, but his whole body, mind, and attention is even more powerful. Given this control, this gift, she can help her man learn to be the husband he should be, and charge the relationship with intimacy that a man can only experience when he is forced to wait for his orgasm.
All of this honor thought is not a chance for abuse, but to direct her man, allow him to enjoy the whole or there relationship. Because of this and because he will have nowhere else to receive pleasure all of his attention will be turned to his Keyholder.

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