Monday, May 18, 2009

Why part two

It is well know that certain types of stress can be beneficial to a persons health, exercise stresses the body making a person stronger, learning stress the mind making a person smarter. Chastity stresses both of these, and like other stresses lead to a healthier sex life with our partner. Chastity is a trial of masculinity as well, when we men are young we are often told that sexual conquest will prove our manhood, but we are also told that enduring pain, pushing our limits is a path to manhood. Do we not want to see the hero of a story go through terrible suffering to earn his right to be called a hero? Injured players, underdogs, the weak and out numbered fighting back for the big win, this is heroic but it is not easy. Chastity would seem to force a man in to a weak position like all of these, and like all of these force him to be stronger than he thought possible. Hercules one of the great heroes of Western culture is forced to do twelve labors, a punishment for the accidental murder of his wife. We see in this tale a hero earning that title by the pain of battle, both physically and mentally suffering. There is a noble quality as the pain is suffered for another person, namely his wife. Hercules driven mad by his step mother Hera mistakenly kills his beloved wife and children. For this he first goes into hiding and later seeks to regain his honor thus he is led to do his twelve labors. By giving control of my sex to my wonderful wife, by enduring pain both mental and physical I gain honor and strength. Sexual strength and desire, mental strength a new understanding of accepting the things I can not control.This act, the act of giving over complete control of my sex, suffering the pain that comes with that,within our marriage is just as powerful as any of his labors . Conversely masturbation represents the easy way and no one ever called the easy way, the heroic way.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Part 1
There are many reasons for a man to wear a chastity belt. There are some that chastity is merely part of a fantasy, play that ends once they leave the bedroom. For others it is life long never to have and orgasm to again, or at least not often. It may be worn to show devotion, to punish or be punished, or as a personal challenge. I can’t attest to why anyone else allow there genitals to be locked away from them only why I do.
I don’t want to moralize or preach, but within a committed relationship masturbation is just plain wrong. It saps the will of a man to truly please his wife, and dishonors her by turning his lust and desire towards other women. This is surely a type of cheating, at the very least a betrayal of the pleasure that rightly belongs to her. By gifting your wife with the keys to your sex a man bestows honor to his wife and marriage, he also gains strength for himself.
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Thursday, May 7, 2009


She is above me kissing my lips moist and warm her tongue darting quickly in and then back out. Her eyes deep and passionate look into to me, “I love you” she breaths.
“I love you too.” I reply and with a swallow “Can we have sex.”
She kisses her way down my body until she reaches my genitals; her hand cups my testicles as if she was performing fellatio, but my penis is encased in hard plastic. Still her toungue finds it way in through the vent holes the wettness slick and warm. Her free hand roams my body tickling and tweaking as it goes.
She knows everything I love what turns me on, and what motivates me. Soon she moves from my testcles down to my back passage. She knows I love this, something almost taboo for most men, her probings and massages of my enternal realms.
She teases me this way moments that turn to hours. Finnaly her need to see me squirm with arousal is fullfuilled. Afterwards my mouth my tounge is put to my wifes bussiness.