Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The wait

As our anniversary approached (five years married) my wonderful wife decided that it was a great opportunity to “refresh” our relationship for both of us. To this end she banned all intimate contact.
This isn’t simply forgoing sex to try and feel virginal again oh no she wanted to return to the way it felt the very first time we touched, kissed, or even held hands. She wanted to make our first night away from home feel like our first date. To do this she forbade almost all touching.
Let me tell you this is a lot harder than simple chastity, there was none of the physical reassurance that I normally receive. No pats on the bottom, or smiles, or light stroking at bed time. We did none of the normal things a couple would do, in or everyday life or in the bed room, this extended to our sleeping habits as well, to keep from any night time coziness I was confined to the couch while she continued to enjoy her bed.
As hard as it was she was right, our first night away was pure carnal energy, the kind that I haven’t felt since I was a teenager. Heat so intense it blinded us. The first time she touched me again placing her soft hand on my cheek, her cool moist lips touching mine was like throwing a stone into a pool of calm water. Ripples of desire flowed through us. The end her laying beneath me, berating into my ear, her hips rocking, and urging me to completion. The climax was like throwing a bucket of water on a roaring campfire, a brief fizzle followed by an explosion of scalding steam.
Other simpler things became heightened as well; The shear sensuality of holding her hand as we walked the wonderful familiar feel of brushing back her hair from her face, the peacefulness of sleeping next to her. The wait was definitely worth it.