Friday, November 27, 2009

Putting Her in Her Place Three Easy Steps

Step One: Think about the first time you meet her. How beautiful she looked, how much you desired her, and how hard you tried to win her over.

Step Two: Think about what has changed most importantly think about what you have begun to take for granted. Have you become more demanding, lazy, or uninvolved?

Step Three: The best way to renew your marriage is to place all of your wants and needs second to hers. Once you have placed not only ahead but above you on that pedestal you will find that your own needs, and some of your wants, will be meet on her terms. This leads to a happier woman in your life and so a happier you.


  1. Another great list!I like the artwork that you have used on this blog.Especially the photos of husbands orally pleasing their wives.

  2. Thank You I really think they help compleat the posts.