Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend Ritual

Its Saturday and its review time I kneel and wait for her to begin. This well rehearsed process from week to week is one of our weekend rituals. She starts with all of the things that have pleased her, made her feel special, or helped her. After words she explains areas that may need to be improved, and administers discipline.

This is not a time for punishment, that is given out a close to the infractions as possible and is varied. Discipline is always the same, I bend over her bed and receive between 10 and 20 swats from either a bundle of feathers, a paddle, or a leather strap. This is meant to focus me for the week ahead, and acts as a reminder of her authority over me.
Review is not a time for me to share my own thoughts. I am on occasion asked to explain myself but for the most part my wife expects and receives my polite silence. Instead we have an open door policy, I am free to come to her at anytime for any reason, and speak my mind. We both agree that problems should be addressed at the first opportunity.

Sunday is the day we always set aside time for sex. Oral sex, intercourse, or manual stimulation, Sunday is the day that it always happens. Admittedly I am not always given release on these days, but the chance to serve her, provide her with pleasure is something I can never get enough of.

Locking back up is always a special time for my Wonderful Wife and I. Sure this happens after some sexual activity and maybe an orgasm for myself. But even after the mundane maintenance of cleaning , and shaving, and so forth. For us this is a time to reconnect ever bit as deep as sex is for others. I will stand before her nude typically she is dressed but not always either way I have already got my chastity device back on. Once the lock is on she will look at me and I at her the love between us renewed.
We spend time talking discussing our feelings, the progress we have made as a couple. This is a time for us to share the joys of our relationship. This is a time to share our love with out sex or lust getting in the way. It is relaxing, and joins us in a way few couples get to experience.

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