Sunday, January 24, 2010

Not A Solution

Not a solution, and I mean it. There seems to be this mystical belief that woman would naturally be better custodians of the world. That war, would soon cease after the world domination of women, that pollution would cease, and crime would be lowered do to the enslavement, or ensexment as some would call it of men. I summit to you that this is not the case.

In my last post I gave a detailed argument as to why Gynarchy in a bid for world domination could not simply live in peace. Even if woman somehow did take control of the world I believe that they would never live in peace. A large contingent of men would still retain military and police training. Take for example North Korea, the Worker-Peasant Red Guard (Equivalent to the USA National Guard) is comprised of over 3.5 million men. This group is organized at local levels, and in small groups, which train in village sized forces making its members the perfect base for a guerrilla movement there.
Aside from the men in the world women are still capable of violence of violent actions. If one or more regions of the world could not compromise with others there is only one way to resolve the problem. Even within its own territory government uses violence to coerce its populace into following the law. Some of my readers may remember the tragedy of the Branch Davidian compound in 1993, the tragedy occurred not because of the war like nature of man, but because a group was thought to braking the law, and when they refused to cooperate with the authorities, violence ensued. In the end they were left with only one choice arrest or death, unfortunately they chose death. This may seem an overly simple explanation for what went on but the fact is that when the government wants something to happen inside or outside of its territory either the parties involved have to back down, or resort to violence, and for some people some of the time backing down is just not an option.

What of the natural world some would say certainly the caring mother of our children would be a better custodian of the plants and animals. Well no matter who is in charge People will still need power, farmers will still need chemicals because there will still be to many people to feed with out them. Water will still be needed in the desert, flood control will still be needed in the wetlands. The cultural needs of societies who engage in ritual hunts, or eating will still need be met risking violence otherwise. Would someone please tell me how women in sole control of the world would change any of this anymore than men being the dominant sex would?

The fact is that the problems of the world or not the sole property of men, nor are there solutions the sole property of women. To whip a horse that is dead or at least dangerously close to becoming so, two heads are better than one. So excluding anyone from the problem solving process makes no since. Once again I am calling out to anyone that will hear, Female Lead Marriage/Relationships in the home great, equality outside of it, necessary, preferable, and right.


  1. You could not be more wrong. You sound like a patriarchal dominant man who is into being served. An FLR has nothing to do with S/M. The S/m is completely optional. You have come up short on your understanding of history. The reason men have ruled the world is as a result of their strategic aggressive violence, brutality, torture, and ruthless killing.

    Throughout history, men have initiated threats, conquored countries and transformed cultures through killing and destruction. When the Romans conquored a city, they killed all the men, enslaved the women and children and burned the land so that no one would be able to come back and rise up against Rome. The only reason women do not control the world is because women do not use killing and anialating the enemy as an initial tactic to gain control. Moreover, women are so willing to give up control. Secondly, your preaching is completely wayward, manipulative and clearly purposely misconstrued. Do me a favor, Don't confuse your Kinky marriage with a FLM. Just because your wife services you in the way you like does not men she is leading. Frankly, that doesn't sound like leading it sounds being led. Finally, women are better custodials for the world as they are reared to be caregivers. However, Leaders women are not so often reared to be...which is why so many men are able to take advantage of women.. as they allow their husbands to munipulate and convince them into thinking they are leading when in fact they are simply being led. You seem to be doing a great job of that.

    best wishes in your happy marriage.

  2. Thank you for your writing on this difficult and important question. I believe that if woman is
    treated as a divine, wonderful, powerfull being
    by her consort/husband/lover/willing slave/knight, she will be a a more fulfilled and
    empowered person with the inner grace to respect
    and embrace the intelligence and goodwill of
    people whatever their gender.
    May the Goddess smile on you and protect you
    from bigotry and sexism