Thursday, January 28, 2010


Tears roll down my face, gently she pulls me to my feet, I am to torn down to be ashamed of my nudity before her gaze. She lays me down next to her in bed and wraps her arms around me pulling my head to her breast. Shortly she tugs up her shirt and I feel her soft breast against my face and her nipple begins to harden in my mouth. She knows what I need, and understands enough to give it to me at vulnerable moments such as these.

Wife Lead Marriage necessitates a certain amount of vulnerability on the part of the man. To begin with even bringing the subject to you partner is scary, a man does not want to appear weak, or silly, or worse perverted. For some there is a strong submissive sexual component that he fears may very well turn his partner off.

Beyond this however requires a much deeper exposure to your dominate wife. For the rest of my life (I hope) my lovely wife will control my sex. She has control of my body as well as my mind much more strongly than anyone else has ever been able to claim. Besides this she offers me discipline, and with it pain, she grants many of my kinkiest requests, and with them pain and pleasure, in short the whole of my mind and body is open to her. In every day life I am expected to share information with her, she likes to know everything about my day, all of my financial doings, and whatever I am thinking and feeling at the time. As a man sharing like this is not second nature and it takes effort to be this open, but I am happier for it.

Being made vulnerable in this way does not mean that I am weaker for it. In fact it is very freeing for me unlike so many other men I have nothing to hide from my Wife, I no longer have anything to be ashamed of as all my desires have been laid bare. Years ago when I took the first step and admitted to her that I wanted to submit, to serve, and ultimately to have my sex organs shackled, a weight fell from my shoulders.

Of course there are so many more emotions involved, and being opened by my loving and wonderful Wife forces me to experience them much more deeply. Not only am I no longer burdened by having to hide my submissive nature from my wife, but I also must verbalize what I am feeling. She likes to hear how I feel she wants to know if what we are doing is having the desired affect on me, if I am experiencing what she intends me to feel. She knows that by carefully analyzing what I feel that she can gain better control and increase her own pleasure. After a spanking do I feel ashamed, remorseful, or thankful, and excited, or aroused, when bound am I frightened, excited, or peaceful. Of course she also monitors my sexual feelings closely, am I frustrated, and need to be released, or can I be pushed further into submission before the returns to her diminish, do I need to sleep, be held, or simply left alone after an intense sexual and possibly kinky play period.

Because I share all of this with her we are brought closer together. Being exposed to my wife, made vulnerable to her emotionally opens up communication between us, no longer do either of us need to awkwardly ask "was it good for you?" instead we know that it was, or wasn't in some cases. I can talk about problems at work and no longer fear upsetting my wife, do I need to be held, or hold her not a problem either. Its not just about cold clinical safety of S&M, or even about fun kinky humiliation, while it is both of those more importantly Exposure is about a happier marriage.


  1. Lovely post. Quite poetic.


  2. You are not the first or last to become victim of your hormones and the inducement of female charms. Strong or weak, we all succumb to the female. It is the way we are wired. Only a fool would blame you for your feelings and actions for your wife. Enjoy it!

    Weakness is a character trait, not a physical action. Strong men have wept with emotion. You are not alone in this.

  3. Nice post, I like to control my husband, the more vulnerable and exposed he is the wetter I get.