Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Gynarchy, Female Supremacy, Matriarchy or whatever you want to call it has a visible presence in the world takes in no small part to the Internet, and to me that is a shame. The reason is simple, as I have said in the two previous post I have serious problems with the the people and principals of those who attempt to further female world domination/male enslavement.
To many this is a fantasy, and that is fine so long as they make it known that it is, the problem is those who honestly hold these misguided beliefs. The shame comes in because there is so much crossover between kink, and Gynarchy, and at home Loving Female Authority. The portrayals of S&M in the media are bad enough. The seedy club in Single White Female visited by the insane Ellen/Hedy, 8mm depicting people interested in kink as synonymous with pedophiles, not to mention any number of news programs/magazines articles/specials that allow the so called normal people to gawk at the kinky zoo animals.
Now for the consumption of the masses is Gynarchy, how would the average person react that idea? The idea of a world where women live a life of luxury and power by virtue of there gender while men live as slaves, not house husbands, not simply denied access to political power, or education or certain jobs, but slaves. Where men would be forcibly castrated, euthanized, and as one group seems to suggest made to drink menstrual fluid to remind all men of there bloody violent past. The answer is that it would not be accepted well, and as they say one bad apple spoils the whole bunch. Gynarchy sill spoil the chances for those men who ware Chastity Belts, and give over themselves to serving the woman in there life, or the woman who feels she is her masters slave, or the outwardly "normal" couple who also likes to swing at ever being accepted for what they are people who chose to live a different lifestyle that in the end effects no one else.
I am not saying that those who hold female supremacy beliefs should not be allowed that freedom what I am saying is that the rational kinky community, and those of us who gladly server our partners out of love and a genuine desire for there guidance/discipline/ control, should work to separate ourselves from Gynarchy. The same way any two groups that to the outsider would appear similar tries to distinguish themselves from one another. Let those who want to forward the goals of Gynarchy hitch the wagon themselves. For those of use in FLM, while we should embrace our brothers and sisters in other kinky relationships let us shun those people who, in all honesty, harm our own acceptance in the main stream.


  1. It is late and i am tired.But i did want to say that i have enjoyed reading your past few posts.I may leave a more detailed comment later.
    But for now i just want to say " Well Said!".

  2. Thank you BOB I'm glad that somone has. I looked at the comments here for a couple of days hoping that I would get a few good ones from all sides of this topic, or a least a sturdy "FUCK YOU" from sombody. I guees all I can hope for is that some people have read this and left thinking about it even if they don't comment.

  3. If this were to ever come to fruition, I would go as far as giving people a choice: go with Gynarchy or not. If they choose "yes", they seal their fate. If they choose "no", they will be the enemy, but at least they will be free. The problem is, the Gynarchy crowd does not want people to have a choice unless their choice is “yes”.

    I liken this topic to that of abortion. Those on the pro-abortion side claim to be “pro-choice”. Yet when a woman chooses not to abort, they scream and threaten lawsuits. That does not sound like a choice, but an ultimatum. See the reaction to the Tim Lebow case on CNN (http://www.usnews.com/articles/opinion/2010/02/03/should-cbs-show-tim-tebows-anti-abortion-super-bowl-ad.html).

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  5. I think the Gynarchy or Matriarchy is here a long long time before. We say "Mother Nature" not "Father Nature". Woman is giving life not men. And ... there was a day when man start to revolt and then he has come out with the Christ, Mohamed and money and wars ... and the whole world comes down to the knees. But I think this is coming to change. In the whole world is the Female Led uprising.