Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I do not want to alienate any of my great readers but something has been eating at me for a few years now and I want to address it before I go any further.
Female Supremacy,gynarchy,matriarchy, or gynecocracy what ever you want to call it. This is something that some people are serious about, I think it hurts Female Lead Marriage as a lifestyle, and the kink community in general. I don't believe in it,I don't see it as a cure all for the worlds problems, and I doubt that it is a workable government, at the global, national level or even in a large community. While I do feel that many men if not all of them would benefit form FLM at home it must be consensual, otherwise being dominated even from birth breads resentment. This is going to be the first of three posts on this subject starting with why I feel that large scale matriarchy would not be a stable or long lasting goverment.

Gynarchy is not workable as a governmental policy for any number of reasons. The most glaring problem is that no one person, or group that I have been able to find has any plan on how to establish it in the open minded United States let alone more closed minded countries. I don't mean simple goals, or how it will work once established, but a step by step plan from now until firm control has been maintained for sometime.
To begin with they would have to get better than a majority of women to agree to this and better than a majority of men. There are roughly three hundred million people in the United States as of the latest census, and almost seven billion world wide. Just think how hard it would be to get four men and 3 women to agree that all the women are superior to all the men in the group, by virtue of there womanhood. Lets try a wider sample like the Middle east when will gynarchy be established there before or after the stonings. Also before suggesting military force from other nations look how well things are going in Iraq and Afghanistan now or the U.S. and ailed forces. Then add in China, India, much if not all of Africa, and armed dissent in there own land. Never mind that warfare is against most female supremacy belief systems.
If gynarchy is established in one part of the world most probably in Europe or North America, they could not simply live peacefully waiting for female supremacy to take root naturally in other areas of the world. Is it unbelievable that any number of nations would use male slavery as an excuse to declare war? If not, then that the international community would impose heavy economic sanctions? When thinking about this remember that China the most populace nation in the world along with India are the fastest gr owning and most dynamic economies in the world today.

But lets say that on a large scale that our current society was changed into a female supremacy wonderland. Would it be sustainable, could it managed into the next great cultural force, its influence lasting centuries? I doubt it.
A major problem as it appears to me is that much of what gynarchy wants is to relive women of all the dirty, dangerous, and unpleasant jobs. The thing is there are allot more dirty jobs than supervisory ones. Business, government, volunteer groups just don't work any other way. This means that there has to be more men in the world than women. gynarchy does not seem to compromise on this goal, and so women not men would be the minority population, if not in numbers than in the work force. As men associated with one another they would develop a culture of there own that would become dominate, work spaces, and living spaces would be dominated by there needs. If included in this was military and police service you have also added guns to the problems of a government totally controlled by women.
This leads to a male dominated economy, that leads to what? A male dominated goverment, and world. LEaving women where, staying home and taking care of the kids? Suddenly a theoretical society where women rule suddenly becomes one that resembles Leave It To Beaver Americana.
For these reasons woemn and men must be equal outside of the home. What people do in there home is up to them. If my readers want to advance women in the world, seeking to place them forever on top is not going to work, or eve happen. Instead work to help the women in your life to achive there own success and to redress the problems of gender gaps in pay, and the treatment of women in underdevleped coutries.


  1. Oh my! You really had to get that off your chest. Expect to get some flaming comments on this.

    I think you are right about all that you have said. The advocates of female supremacy don’t think past their fantasy. Reality is a totally different issue, as you pointed out with many examples.

    I have been posting on this subject for the last three years, but never went into this much detail. My latest rant is Its intent was to point out the philosophical and moral absurdity of promoting any kind of supremacy as real. Fantasy is another subject that lends itself to novels and movies, and anything goes. As for adapting a relationship based on the idea of the female being superior, well, if she is superior, why not? But that has nothing to do with adapting the same for anything larger than a family.

    Get your fire extinguisher ready, and keep up the good work.

  2. Well Susan's Pet I hope to get some good comments back, and if so I may dedicate a fourth post to them. It may take sometime to get it all out thought so stay tuned.

  3. I totally agree, a gynarchal society would not work as they would want it. I as a "switch" would much rather see a equal society where men and women were equally treated. Gynarchal societies generally in theory are hyper extreme many advocate forced slavery to men and quite frankly thats pretty disturbing. I as a man, find temporarily servitude appealing but only when its consentual and in the privacy of home, not imposed by a "superior" gender, to me that reeks of nazism.

  4. Good post about this insane topic. The female supremacy literature is pretty disturbing in that it actually proposes to strip men of all rights such as to vote, to get an education and own property. Western civilization has been a race to eliminate these kinds of cancerous practices from society. Reinstating these practices just so men can get their own taste of oppression would surely bring our civilization to its knees.

    The whole idea about women being superior because they have two X chromosomes is equally mad. It sounds a lot like race purity arguments used by racist regimes. So what, if the y chromosome is degenerating and men may be more susceptible to diseases and may have a shorter life expectancy? I still don't make the connection that this means men should be enslaved by women. By this argument, why not enslave handicapped people because they're not as physically able as you? After all, it is your right as a being of superior health (insert race, religion, gender for health and you see where this is going). Ludicrous.

  5. do not let these males convince you to keep patriarchy as a workable society ! WOMEN must control the world in order to improve its current condition, not let males becomes equals to females ever ! males destroy what they build, but women build and improve whatever we touch ! males rights must be taken from them to ensure a bright future for worldwide female dominance ! giving males any rights is like letting a vicious pit bull dog run wild in a neighborhood full of children ! males with rights equals more chaos, savagery, confusion, and devastation for the world ! males must enslaved until women can re-program their minds, their lifestyles, their vision of what male to female relationships should be... Males have had their chances for thousands of years to treat women as equals but look at their (males) end results. As women we had to organize and protest and create organizations in order to be heard and our objectives respected ! males will destroy the whole world if they are left with rights to control ! males must be enslaved (all of them worldwide) Women must establish male behavior modification centers, genetic and hormonal re-construction, domesticated and re-invented as suitable second class citizens. I know this sounds "extreme" to a lot of women, but this measure worked for males to rule the world to this day ! so is it not fair for us women to implement the same measures that have worked for males for centuries ? Now that the proverbial "glass ceiling" has been broken through by us women, and we are advancing in abundant numbers to de-thrown the "old boys club" we will not feel sorry for those males but relish in thought and fact, that women are headed in the right direction, to see males as the whole world should see them.....under female rule !!!

    1. Mirrors Show Us Our Error.August 31, 2013 at 1:58 PM

      Similar disturbingly virulent (or psychotic)
      tirade as the one above often surface when the subjects of female supremacy, matriarchy and/or gynarchy are brought up in discussion.

      A friend of mine who works in behavioral science once told me that there are differences between the sexes in behavior and response to environment, but that the Bell Curves have vast overlap so it is only extreme individuals who show very great disparity from the main body of norms. He also said not one sex could lay any great claim in holding market share on kindness, decency, ethics and or morality over the other as some extreme feminists posit. It is almost a paranoia that has been institutionalized by media and progressive adherents. This would be where the conflict over a lot both political and social are fomented. Yes, females have a TENDENCY to prioritize security over freedom of the individual, whiles males slightly more value liberty over feeling life should not have mishap.

      This seems to me to explain a great bit of opposing stress on our lives and society today.

      As far as this individual's rant... I truly can not say if the person's sex is female or male, as s(he) makes a case for violence being male but is more than caustic and vituperative in his(er) attack on one sex to blame for the world's chaos.

      There seems more of problems with 'padded
      cell' than 'glass ceiling' in such angry argument...